Alloy Velvet Silver


1 Litre of Alloy Velvet Silver Paint

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Product Description

Alloy Velvet Silver™ has been specifically designed to allow SMART repairers to replicate the chrome-effect look on alloy wheels on Audi TT, BMW, Mercedes etc …

International Colours Alloy Velvet Silver™ utilises the latest reflective coating technology as our premium chrome spray paint, Liquid Chrome™.

It’s near microscopic particle content provides superior surface orientation.
Alloy Velvet Silver™ has a small particle size which, along with our special blend of chemicals and additives, allows for the versatility to achieve various shades of a chrome-effect look!


Key Benefits:

  • Allows SMART repair technology, for alloy wheel repairs, so that the whole wheel no longer requires painting – blends in perfectly!
  • Simply apply over any Silver Basecoat and lacquer
  • Alloy Velvet Silver™ represents the ultimate proprietary advance in low cost metalised Chrome-effect paints.
  • This highly reflective chrome or metal-look paint has no equal!
  • This is perfect for alloy wheels, motor vehicles, remote control lexan car bodies, trim components, model makers, glass, furniture, feature panels, advertising signage, architectural finishes and a host of other uses
  • Can be lacquered for ultimate protection
  • Can be used for internal and external applications
  • If applied correctly, in conjunction with a high quality low VOC 2K Black gloss base and a low VOC UHS clear, it can also replicate up to 95% of real chrome!

When applied over a Silver base it can be used for the repair of Alloy Wheels on vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Vauxhall, Ford etc..etc…

For those who have used similar products then, you will know the true value of this product and fully appreciate it’s versatility!

If wanting to create one of the most reflective chrome-effect finishes then, Alloy Velvet Silver™ needs to be applied over a fully cured and vented Black gloss base (High quality 2k direct gloss is recommended) and should be clearcoated with a high quality low VOC UHS (Ultra High Solids) lacquer. ** Please contact us if you are unsure about your application requirements **


Additional Information

Weight 1000 g

1 Litre