Chrome Paint Concentrate

Chrome Concentrate


Chrome Concentrate.
When diluted, each 50ml of concentrate makes 1 Litre of ‘ready to use’ chrome-effect spray paint.

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Product Description

Chrome Concentrate utilises the latest reflective coatings technology which is now found in our premium chrome-effect paint products.

When diluted with the relevant solvent, it can produce one of the most realistic chrome-effect paint finishes available. It can reproduce an authentic look of real chrome up to approx 95% as it contains a very small particle makeup. These small particles allow for a perfect orientation on the surface giving you the truest chrome-effect of any paint available today.

Chrome Concentrate can now also be used on a variety of OEM applications ranging from BMW wheels to Audi, Volvo and Mercedes as well as Ford interior parts.

It can be applied with any standard spray gun, no special equipment needed. It should be applied over colour shades ranging from light grey to black. However, it may be applied over any colour basecoat to achieve chrome and metal type reflections and will remain transparent enough to show the underlying base colour.

It is ideally suited for achieving a good quality chrome-effect finish by applying very light coats over a fully cured and vented Black gloss base.

You simply add 50ml of Concentrate to every 1 Litre of solvent (each 50ml makes 1 Litre of ‘ready to spray’ product).

Comes supplied with mixing instructions and recommended choice of solvents.

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